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Bosch employee testimonial – Professional Development and Training

“One of the things I appreciate about Bosch is that we have standardized development tools.”

– Gene Oswalt

Bosch Associate development
We help you advance systematically

Bosch leadership development programs

The world never stops moving. And neither do you. At Bosch, we’ll prepare you for tomorrow’s challenges and give you the freedom to develop your talents and personal strengths. At Bosch, we take a systematic approach in our professional training and development: we assess your unique skills and talents in order to discover your true potential, and then help you advance accordingly. Of course, you also help shape the path you’ll be taking. Show us what you’ve got – and where you want to go.

Bosch employs standardized associate development tools throughout the company, and we review your progress with you at regular intervals in order to plan for the future. Impress us with your competence, personality, and commitment and you’ll be able to set out on a specialist career path or take on responsibilities in a line or project capacity.


Bosch’s Manager Development Plan for specialists and executives

Our Manager Development Plan (MDP) is geared toward preparing you for your responsibilities as a specialist or executive. We facilitate your entry into one of our three career paths and promote your advancement with a variety of development programs tailored to your goals and personality. You benefit from leadership and methodology courses, specialist seminars, and personal career advancement discussions.

The MDP is an important tool in our associate development system. It assures us of well trained talent from our own ranks. And we give you the chance to achieve long-term success with us.


Bosch MDP programs at a glance

Leadership Development Training

Our Leadership Development Training Program systematically teaches you a set of fundamental skills you’ll need in order to thrive in an executive-level career. Prepare for your leadership role as you simulate typical project-related content situations and communications, and learn all the basics, from determining salaries to labor law. Program participants can also add supplementary seminars or simulations to these compulsory modules.


Specialist Education and Development Program

This program prepares you for success on the specialist career path. It will teach you how best to use and share your knowledge; analyze the context for your knowledge within the company and sharpen your communications skills; and establish your position as an expert in practice by presenting a topic in a lecture or training course. You can supplement this compulsory program with content relevant to your field or location.

Manager Development Programs

These courses are designed for experienced specialists and executives. Depending on your status, there are four Manager Development Programs to prepare you for the next level. It’s all about systematically expanding your professional knowledge and leadership skills. Refine your personal leadership style, sharpen your eye for future global developments, and learn to make competent decisions at the highest levels of management.