Working at Bosch
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Working at Bosch
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Diversity at Bosch

Strength in diversity

Each associate is an integral part of the Bosch community, and a reflection of our company culture.


What makes working at Bosch so special, above and beyond your job? We offer a collaborative environment that celebrates diversity, a commitment to a work-life fit, and a compensation plan that supports your personal and financial well-being.

How Bosch invests in you



With locations around the world, we embrace many regional and cultural origins. At Bosch, we regard diversity as an asset to the organization and a precondition of our global success.

Work-life fit

Your work and personal life need to fit together in order to enjoy a well-rounded, fulfilling existence. At Bosch, we’ll work together to identify the solutions that strike just the right balance for you, and for us.


Compensation and benefits

At Bosch, we believe in equitable pay on the basis of a fair and transparent model. We also invest in your health and well-being, as we want to work with you for a long time.