Bosch diversity
Together we are strong

Janet Lum

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Our guiding principle

Bosch is a global leader in technology and innovation. We place great importance on self-reflection, respect for differences, and responsible lateral thinking. We recognize that each associate is an integral part of the Bosch community and a reflection of our Bosch culture. Our diversity is our greatest strength. We view it as a driver for the innovations of tomorrow – and as a fundamental asset that forges bonds among our associates all over the world.


Diversity is our advantage

Bosch understands diversity as the potential of a group of individuals shaped by their personal background and attributes, lifetime experiences, and beliefs. By working and collaborating together, our associates have unlimited potential to achieve a much greater effect than a single individual or perspective. Celebrating and embracing diversity is the only way to channel essential know-how to where it can work best. So we can stay strong together – now, and in the future.