Bosch employee seminars
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Bosch employee seminars

From technical and business know-how to quality management, facilitation and language skills – Bosch’s wide range of top-tier training courses will ensure that you continually broaden your capabilities. At Bosch, we help you advance with specialist and leadership seminars during working hours. Of course, you can always take the initiative and sign up for our evening or weekend classes, too.


Bosch seminar offerings at a glance

Quality assurance with the 8D method

With the 8D method, you get the benefit of a tried-and-trusted quality management tool. Learn the eight steps to follow and strategies to apply in order to effectively resolve technical problems with suppliers. Similar to the Six Sigma process, 8D helps you get to the root of a problem rather than simply treating its symptoms. As a result, you’ll not only be able to eliminate hitches, but also prevent them from happening.



Successful team and project work depends largely on everyone supporting the same goals. In our facilitation courses, you’ll learn to motivate and guide groups in discussions, workshops, and meetings, and receive tips on handling unforeseen situations. Practical exercises give you the chance to hone your communication technique, explore methods of effective preparation, and develop compelling ways of illustrating ideas and winning others over to your way of thinking.


When dealing with clients or coworkers, the ability to coherently argue a case and negotiate skillfully is essential. Bosch provides instruction on the necessary methods, strategies, and tactical maneuvers you need to build trust, steer discussions in a particular direction, and promote your agenda. Role-play recreation will help make these techniques second nature so that you’re even more self-assured in future interactions.



In an international group such as Bosch, you need to communicate with coworkers beyond your national borders on an almost daily basis. For such purposes, our main lingua franca is English, but we also help you master other languages such as French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. Courses are tailored to your needs – depending on whether you want to refresh your knowledge, expand your vocabulary to include specialist terminology or learn a language entirely.

Intercultural competence

To help you work successfully with customers and coworkers around the world, we give you helpful insights into different cultures. Learn, for instance, how to tactfully offer praise or criticism, how to deal with stereotypes, as well as how to correctly interpret gestures and facial expressions in other countries. In turn, you will acquire a keen awareness of cultural differences and gain added confidence in interacting with people from diverse backgrounds.